Worcester Odeon

Worcester Odeon opened after the 2nd World War, and luckily for us, Odeon created a complete photo album to show off this new jewel in their crown.

cinema frontage

The front elevation.
As above, but taken at night.
Patrons queueing under the canopy.
The auditorium from the stage.
The stage from the front circle.
The organ rises up from the pit.
The paybox and kiosk.
The paybox, looking towards front doors.
The paybox and kiosk.
The projection room - BTH Supas from the operating side.
BTH Supas from non-operating side.
BTH Supas close up.
The non-sync and dimmers.
A mercury arc rectifier.
The intake room.
The battery room.
Plenum motor.
Rewind room.
Rewind bench.
Front elevation 2
Front elevation 3

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