Salisbury Odeon

The Odeon (formerly Gaumont) in Salisbury, is often mistakenly referred to as a 'Tudor Cinema'. Oh yes, and Queen Elizabeth I used to attend Royal Premieres there! In actual fact, the only Tudor part of the building is the entrance, known as 'The Hall of John Halle', which dates from the fifteenth century.
When Gaumont wanted to build a cinema on the site, they were sensitive to this little piece of history, and thus decided to design their new cinema to fit in with the Tudor theme, with blackened beams, huge medieval chandeliers, and tapestry hangings inside the auditorium.
Despite being subdivided many times, today's Odeon still retains it's medieval charm - and with Digital sound too!

1 Exterior shot as Gaumont.
2 Exterior shot as Odeon.
3 The auditorium from the circle.
4 The auditorium from the stalls.
5 The restaurant (now converted into another screen).
6 The hall of John Halle.

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